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Furniture restoration specialists in Sheffield

Furniture restoration specialists

Restore wooden furniture to its initial glory

Do you want to get your broken furniture restructured? Or do you want to get your family heirloom fixed? Contact John Collins Cabinetmaker in Sheffield. From basic furniture repairs to complete redesigning, John can help you with all of it. He specialises in antique restoration and also provides reupholstering services.

Bespoke church furnishings and remodelling
Traditional interior solutions

Bespoke church furnishings and remodelling

Traditional woodwork and furniture services for churches and cathedrals

Get handcrafted choir stalls, baptismal fonts, altar sets, clergy chairs and other church furnishings custom-designed to suit your church interiors. John provides furniture restoration, remodelling and French polishing services. You can also contact him for religious carving and engraving services.

John Collins Cabinetmaker is a City and Guilds qualified company. Browse through some of John’s recent projects, and read what his customers have to say about his craftsmanship.

Traditional interior solutions

• Creation of church signs, noticeboards and carvings into pews

• Bespoke church furnishings — furniture, panelling and decor accessories — including choir stall, communion table and altar

• Religious carving

• Furniture remodelling

John also has some ready-made furniture on sale.

bespoke and creative carving solutions in sheffield and north east derbyshire]
bespoke and creative carving solutions

Bespoke and creative carving solutions

Woodcarving specialists

Whether you require a personalised wood carved furniture or decor accessory, John has got it all covered. John specialises in bespoke furniture making for homes and churches. As a City and Guilds Furniture qualified company, you can count on us for quality craftsmanship at affordable prices. We serve the Peak District and North Derbyshire. Browse through the samples of John’s work and the products available on sale. Read the customer testimonials.

Handcrafted woodwork and furniture

• Bespoke carving — traditional and modern woodcarving services

• Personalised fireplace, staircase, furniture, panelling and interior decor solutions

• Customisation of staircases — newel post carving

French Polishing – Expert shellac coating services in Sheffield
French Polishing – in Derbyshire

French Polishing – Expert shellac coating services

Restore furniture and woodwork with French polishing

Get your old furniture and wooden panelling to look new again with French polishing. French polishing is a wood finishing technique that creates a high gloss surface using shellac. Shellac adds to the lustre of the wooden surface, protects it from sunlight and humidity and increases the overall strength and durability. It also helps to cover up scratches and blemishes.

Benefits of using shellac

• Dust-proof and quick drying with velvety smooth finish

• Makes the surface resistant to wear and tear

• Increases the wood strength and durability

• The coating is resistant to shock from objects dropped on its surface

• Can be used as a sealant on porous objects

Bespoke furniture solutions in Sheffield Yorkshire

Bespoke furniture solutions

Personalise your home with handcrafted furniture

Do you want a study table that exactly fits the space available in your room? Or do you want a custom-designed coffee table for your living room? Contact John Collins Cabinetmaker today. From chairs and desks to cabinets and decorative carvings, John will be happy to make furniture according to your specifications. He also makes furniture for churches and cathedrals.

As a City and Guilds Furniture qualified company, you can expect quality craftsmanship that is good value for your money.